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    Practice Area - A

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    • M&A Integration Best Practice Reporting, M&A Integration Timeline Optimization, Commercial Due Diligence, Transition Services Agreement (TSA) Optimization, Commercial Organization Redesign, Sales Force Integration, Virtual Cryptocurrency assistance, Tax advisory
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    Practice Area - B

    Business Strategy

    • Commercialization Strategy Design, Cross-Portfolio Sales Force Design & Deployment, New Product Launch Planning, New Product/Service Design, Opportunity Assessment (Qualitative/Quantitative), Digital Marketing Strategy, Growth Strategy, Customer Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning, Closed Loop Marketing, New Technology Commercialization, Scenario Planning, Social Media Strategy
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    Practice Area - C

    Commercial Excellence

    • Commercial Capability Assessment, Product Demand/Sales Forecasting, Primary Marketing Research (Qualitative/Quantitative), Sales Force Effectiveness, Territory Alignment, Sales Force Sizing, Market Sizing, Human Resource Sizing & Optimization, Sampling Optimization, Brand Performance Management, Product Management, Social Media Analysis
  • We provide Management Consulting services to help organizations grow to the next level in business


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    We will help you lay out simple perspectives for your abstract and uncertain business environment.


    • Explanatory Analyses:We bring to you depth and breadth of knowledge in business, in-depth reasoning, logical analysis, data mining, advanced statistical techniques, along with our structured approach, strategic thinking and creative solutions. Our services cover Business Strategy, Commercial Excellence and M&A Integration functions.


    • Independent Thinking: We bring together expertise from variety of sectors and work experience across international markets, including pharmaceuticals, hospital care, healthcare startup services, medical devices, biotechnology etc. to provide you fresh, independent perspectives and help you navigate through all your complex business issues.


    • Agile Project Leadership: We set high ethical and moral standards in BR Associates. All our team members adhere to strict norms of professionalism. All our projects are managed in adherence to advisory regulations set by the UK government. We will also closely assist you in team upskilling for urgent project implementation needs. Together we will reach your goals.

    Our Team and Project Cases

    The Team:

    1. BHAWNA
    2. BHIM SAIN
    3. INDU
    4. SUMIT
    5. PARDEEP


    1. Case Study AstraZeneca
    2. Case Study Novartis
    3. Case Study Cambridge University Hospitals
    4. Case Study American Airlines
    5. Case Study Sandoz
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    University of Cambridge

    Knowledge Partner

    800 years old established education institution in UK ranked #2 in world.

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    Lucy Cavendish College - University of Cambridge, UK

    Personal Development Partner

    Women's college at University of Cambridge.

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    Indian Institute of Technology

    Knowledge Partner

    Engineering Institute ranked #1 in India.

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    DeFI Academy - London Real

    Personal Development Partner

    Business Accelerator in London, UK.

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